Welcome to Budapest the pearl of Europe

Languages of Humanity Conference, 16 -18 December, 2021, Budapest, Hungary

International communication is not only a key to peace but to human development on all levels as well. The best example is how the East and the West kept learning from each other (from medicine to musical instruments) and how the Eastern golden age helped to save the Roman-Greek knowledge in the Middle Ages. We wish to recreate and keep up such a fruitful exchange of knowledge inviting you to participate in the field of Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian language.  

Considering the above mentioned, the conference is even more special by its site. As Hungary is located in Central Europe it’s been a transit country between East and West from the beginning. Been under the Ottoman, the Habsburg Empire and the USSR one can find traces of history in everything. Of course, this is valid for the Hungarian language as well, with both its uniqueness and the traces to the languages it got historically involved with.

While to some extent one may experience some features deriving from the Middle East in every European country, in Hungary you step in the mixture of Western and Ottoman-Islamic buildings and may take a break in one of the world-famous Hungarian Turkish baths while participating in our conference in Budapest.

Budapest is wonderful to explore at any time of the year, but the time of the conference may be one of the most popular, with the evening Christmas decoration lit up around the city, and Christmas markets with the specialities of the season.